The Start of Change

April 7, 2016

time for change

Change is a funny thing. It stalks you for a while without you knowing it. Change likes to pre-empt the main event with cameo appearances as restlessness, frustration and discontentment. At first you don’t realize that a change is coming and you dither around trying to make sense of things. Change likes to tease you by playing a game of hide and seek. You peek around corners, catching sight of something you think is change and when you get a closer look, nope that is not the right change. Looking in your heart, the inner reaches of your soul, your career, your relationships; trying to catch the shadow of what change looks like. It never shows its full face. You see, change is a messenger of the universe. It would be too simple if you were hand-delivered a glossy menu of what is coming up in your life. The game of change requires you to play a little with the universe as you try to piece together what path you are being led down. Refuse to play and change can get downright mean and lob something nasty your way. Enter into the challenge and you still make get a nasty wake-up call when the show starts but having spent time with change will help you adapt and adjust to the new circumstances.

And so it was with me. I went from a corporate structured job to ill-health, no job and starting over. The signs were all there but I ignored them as the paycheck message felt (at the time) stronger. Once that was gone I had an epiphany. I really wasn’t happy at all. My health wasn’t good. I wanted to do work to help others. And yet I stayed in my rut until I got a big boot in my butt by the universe’s change messenger. This time I listened. I got healthy. I started figuring out what I wanted to do with my life.

And that is where it got difficult. Given the choice of anything, most of us have no real clue what we want to do in life. We often take the easiest path and then wonder why it isn’t the best path. Life requires we earn the right to the good stuff through trial and error. And that is how it was with my business. I knew I wanted to do something rewarding and meaningful but wasn’t sure what. I went into health coaching as my own health experiences had given me empathy for others suffering and I wanted to try help others not have to live a life that is less than what it should be due to ill-health. I tried doing that but something still wasn’t fitting for me. It didn’t feel like the true fulfilment of my unique purpose. So I started dabbling with other ideas and then duh I could have hit myself for the fact that the universe had laid it out for me, I was just too blind to see it.

Change through combining wellness and adventure is the answer.

I have always been the person who created change. Others looked to me for inspiration on how to create change when they were stuck. I constantly changed my life. And I became a change agent in my company when I realized that unless I helped people through system and process changes, I could never be successful with my projects. This was my natural talent and I would be dissing the universe if I didn’t embrace it and share my gift with others.

And exploring has been in my blood since I was 18 months old and crawled my way to a neighbor’s yard four houses down. And promptly started playing in the dirt. Because of course, I love nature too.

So when you combine my passions, transformational wellness adventures are born.

Somewhere, the universe is smiling and thinking, it’s about time she got it.

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