Costa Rican Vacation Musts

November 12, 2019

When it comes to your Costa Rican vacation it’s easy to get lost in all the spectacular offerings that this beautiful country has to offer. Between the wildlife, friendly people, vast varieties of fresh food, and the natural wonders, there’s a lot to explore in Costa Rica. Which is why it’s even more important to go with a plan. Let’s go into detail some MUST have moments of your Costa Rican vacation.


When it comes to food, you have to eat like a local! Some travelers are afraid and try to stick with what they know, but nothing ventured is nothing gained. When out and about at night look for “Rondon” on the menu, in short this stands for “rundown” as in, “whatever the cook can rundown”. Think of this like a chefs special. No two dishes will quite be the same, but that’s the joy of it!


Your hotel has some great views, but you can sit by the pool anytime. If you’re looking for the tranquil sounds of waves crashing along the shore and the feeling of the sun kissing your skin as you sleep, then you’re looking for Tamarindo Beach. This beach in Tamarindo is set against a beautiful forest of trees. Between the breeze, sun, waves and sounds, you”ll be hard pressed to find a more relaxing place on earth, let alone in Costa Rica.


No trip to Costa Rica is complete without a little adventure, and adventure is what you get at Manuel Antonio National Park. Full of natural rainforest wildlife, plenty of trails to hike, an estuary to kayak through and sportfishing, this park is a fun-filled favorite. And when you tire of that, you’re conveniently on a Manuel Antonio beach, another great place to relax.


Let’s talk Volcanoes! If you’re in Costa Rica, you have to see one of the natural beauties that this tropical paradise offers. Very few of those beauties compare to the breathtaking nature of the Arenal Volcano. A sight that you have to see to believe. Standing at almost 5,500 feet, this behemoth does more than just look pretty. It also provides heat to the hot springs located around Arenal Volcano which also fulfill that relaxation quota that every vacation needs. 

CRT must see

So there you have it, the sights, sounds, adventures, tastes and most importantly relaxing spots of Costa Rica are laid out in front of you. Whether it’s a day at the hot springs at Arenal Volcano, an adventure at Manuel Antonio Beach and National Park, some sound sleep at Tamarindo Beach, or just an evening out trying local cuisine, you’re more prepared for your dream vacation than most.

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