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Costa Rican Vacation Musts

When it comes to your Costa Rican vacation it’s easy to get lost in all the spectacular offerings that this beautiful country has to offer. Between the wildlife, friendly people, vast varieties of fresh food, and the natural wonders, there’s a lot to explore in Costa Rica. Which is why it’s even more important to […]

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10 Reasons Costa Rica is a Healthy Travel Destination

1. Costa Rica is what’s known as a Blue Zone. Blue Zones refer to areas of the world where people live longer due to factors like reduced stress, healthier diet, and regular physical activity. Visiting can give you a taste of the country’s overall commitment to wellness, and maybe help you incorporate some aspects of […]

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8 Travel Bloggers You Should Check Out …

… and Who Share a Common Goal: Read On to Find Out What Goal That is… Travel is such a rewarding adventure, both mentally and physically. What you get out of a place never really leaves you. Experiences, even ones that have past, continue to add to our ever-evolving lives and reward our memory banks. However, […]

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Travel Journals: 5 Ways To Make Them Uniquely You!

The first thing most travelers purchase before a big trip (or small trip—because every experience is worth remembering), is a travel journal. It’s a forever memento that accounts your trek and events along your trip. How is a travel journal different from a normal journal? That really depends on you. Most travelers find that their […]

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