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April 22, 2016

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… and Who Share a Common Goal:

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Travel is such a rewarding adventure, both mentally and physically. What you get out of a place never really leaves you. Experiences, even ones that have past, continue to add to our ever-evolving lives and reward our memory banks. However, the average person doesn’t get to see everything and every place they’d like to. Not to worry. Even simply following a traveler, or venturing into a good book, or a great blog can do wonders for your enlightenment and mentally prep you for your own journey. If you can’t lace up your boots and throw your passport in your bag and jet set to a unique destination, you can live vicariously, temporarily, through those that can. On that note, let’s take a look at some of the top eight, best travel blogs and their travel writers on the internet right now. We’ve compiled a list and noted what makes them unique!



Kate is a 31-year old world traveler, for a living. That’s right—five years ago she quit her job and hit the land and seas surrounding her. In her blog she denotes all the miraculous countries and odd spots she’s discovered and throws in some humorous anecdotes along the way. While reading through her blog you’ll pick up some helpful hints on what to do, and not to do, while traveling. It’s amazing alone that a 31-year-old faces unknown places full throttle, but especially as a woman. Girl power at its finest—don’t you agree?! Through every blog post you’ll get a wonderful sense of continuity that will probably reflect your own sneaky suspicion that travel is the best reward for a soloist!



Are you the type of traveler, or future traveler, who enjoys having all their ducks in a row before you set sail, or hop on a plane? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Travel style is relative—never apologize for yours. And if that is your style, you’re going to absolutely love Gary Leff’s analytical and money-saving tips for travelers. While you may not see a Scotland landscape or a palm tree on this blog, you’ll gain some left-brained logic that all right-brain traveler’s can use.



This is a great blog for that seeker that is looking to travel to learn more about themselves and those around them. Stephen “the backpacker”, devotes himself to living and learning with just a pack and determination on his person. He details the excitement of his trips and overall travel and tips to share with anyone and everyone. Plus, he enjoys the “off the beaten path” type of journeys. His blog posts reveal a true travel-hungry spirit. His writing can make you feel a bit voyeuristic, but that feeling is put at ease with his reiterated statements that include “join me” and “travel along with me”. He’s vulnerable as a traveler and open—a great lesson for all of us with a traveler’s heart.



If the name didn’t already denote this: Alex is a bit of a pun happy, go-getter. Her travels and photos breathe a breath of fresh air into the travel world. Every trip isn’t about discovering, experiencing or learning—it can simply be to have fun. Life is short—we all deserve a unique, fun-seeking trip in our life. Alex’s vulnerability makes her blog incredibly fun to read. She isn’t afraid to reveal her big “oops” moments and to really revel in the naivety that traveler’s can often have and how that can lead to some awesome moments. She truly encompasses the blonde epitome of youth from which she takes her namesake pun: Alice in Wonderland. Except, there’s a bit more cursing and PG-13 events!



Matt wrote the book on cheap travel—literally, there’s a book he wrote called “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day”. You can learn a lot of money-saving tips from Matt, but be prepared to be a little uncomfortable. Matt’s blog can truly become the bare-bones traveler guide—but we need that sometimes in our life. We need to be reminded that we are capable and able with very little. Our own confidence and self is truly what puts one foot in front of the other regardless of the region we are in.



This blog is beautiful on it’s own. There’s a huge incorporation of photos that can leave you ensconced to your lap-top for hours. Andrew and Emily are the writers, and great ones at that, of this very pretty project. They’re trekking across Latin America and inviting everyone to join in. They let you know about practical matters such as locations, communication tools and how much food may cost you. It’s inclusive, you see the struggles, read the travel hiccups and get a sense that leaving it all behind and just going for it is sometimes the best advice. The relationship they seem to have really sets a great tone for those that are looking to share a destination of question marks with someone they love. They also have a very well curated Instagram account!



Matthew Karsten does a great job of detailing his trips and detailing the characters he encounters. He takes simple photographs and isn’t too concerned with dolling things up. It’s not a sepia filter type of life for Matthew. His commitment to travel is really his commitment to exploring and learning. Karsten focuses heavily on this notion: Travel isn’t as dangerous as you think. It’s a message that’s apparent in his shared stories and photos. What we are often scared of when we think about traveling isn’t actually that scary at all. Sometimes you have to actually go into the closet to know there isn’t a monster. Karsten drives that point home through his well-crafted stories that are enlightening as well as entertaining.



This is an amazingly visual and articulate site (almost like a structured magazine) created and maintained by Lee Litumbe, who travels the world looking for unique shots and experiences. It’s meant to inspire the travel hungry reader and it succeeds. You’ll leave the site hoping to go buy a crisp linen shirt and slacks, armed with only a granola bar and a hefty camera—ready to hop on a camel and clomp across the desert. Litumbe was born in Cameroon and brought up in America—she embodies the need that so many have in reconnecting to their own heritage and finding their own path through travel. She also doesn’t dominate her blog, and instead enlists others to give expert advice from travel spots to wardrobe needs. However, when she does step in, it’s in a beautiful format of self-discovery and laced with the typical spirit of a young woman looking to gather as many experiences as possible—all while looking rather put together.


So why these bloggers? What makes them stand out and why were they chosen for this list? Because they are caring darers. What does that mean? It means they know that experiences should be experienced and then shared. All of these travelers and writers have a goal to inspire the reader, not just to awe in their exploits but to really examine a life that is lived on the edge and to the fullest. Are you experiencing life? If the answer is no, contact Costa Rica Tours. Ltmd. And that ‘no’ can be more than changed.

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